Boschveld Chickens – “Creating the food basket for Africa” 2

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing.”

At Boschveld Chickens, creating a food basket for Africa helps us understand a community’s needs in a new way, find innovative solutions to meet those needs and deliver solutions with financial stability in mind. At the heart of the Boschveld Chicken Model is a commitment to leadership sustainability and financial Sustainability.


Leadership Sustainability
This program plays a critical role in our ability to achieve our mission. The “servant leadership” philosophy is based on the idea that an individual can achieve far more as a leader by bringing out the best in those they lead. We seek to remove physical, emotional and psychological constraints that prevent local leaders from effectively and permanently ending extreme poverty.
We focus on restoring intervention in local leaders and building the opportunity structure necessary to sustain and scale programs. To accomplish these goals we need to focus on promoting the activity of local staff.

We strive to equip local staff to manage programs and make all decisions this way, local leaders and community members see themselves as change agents and not merely passive recipients of aid. Local leaders are involved in both planning and managing the poverty fighting solutions for their communities. We also sustain opportunity structures to encourage critical thinking, feedback and debate. Over time this structure contributes to the training and empowerment to fully operate all programs without dependency  on any expat staff.

Financial Sustainability
Our goal is for local leaders to run a community development organization that is financially self-sustaining. Our African Breadbasket was established to help fund sustainable poverty eradication. It also invests in local entrepreneurs and incubates a diverse portfolio of profitable businesses in these developing times. The profits from these businesses are distributed to shareholders and reinvented into the local community development organization. It includes poultry, eggs and vegetables.

Extreme poverty is affected by factors as diverse as colonialism, ethnic conflict, foreign aid and more. Innovation is essential to ending extreme poverty , we aim  to start out by teaching local leaders design-thinking because they too must innovative past challenges.
We do’t have it all figured out, and we’re not afraid to admit that we expect to fail from time to time, but that is the very process of innovation. By continuing to innovate we learn from our mistakes and get better.

A unique self help system..
The tools and products needed by the African people are simple and unsophisticated, but they must be practical in order to work towards alleviating the desperateness caused by hunger and poverty. “ One cannot only tell a person how to catch a fish, one has to teach a person the skills, then give them a rod and help them understand the workings of the rod.

Our mobile chicken cage:
• The mobile chicken cage – with Boschveld indigenous chickens ( indigenous to Africa) – is
manufactured according to the parameters discussed hereafter.
• With a minimum of 20 chickens per cage, and fitted with a solar panel on the roof, the cage
gets moved into a different position every month, leaving chicken litter behind to be the
growth stimulant for the planting of vegetables. (Good protein and health vegetables are
the first step in eradicating hunger and poverty in Africa.)
• The solar panel on the roof provides much needed power resources for heating water,
cooking food and providing light.
• Training, technical support and skill transfers are the key elements needed in order to uplift,
especially women and the youth of Africa to produce food and sustain themselves to
survive on this beautiful continent.
• The solar panel on the roof of the chicken cage is there to enable the people of Africa to
stay in line with modern technology and have access to stored green energy in a power
pack to simplify their lives. The less fossil fuel used to survive in the world the less impact
it will have on global weather conditions.

An egg is the cheapest form of protein in Africa, this is the only solution to fight hunger and
poverty in Africa. Let us start to save the millions of people who starve to death every year in
Africa with a tool and product that was created in Africa for the people of Africa.


Introducing the movable chicken cage:

– 6m x 3m and 2m high covered  with bird wire to stop snakes from getting in. Corrugated iron roof.
– A small gate to get in. Cage weighs about 80kg.
– 150 chickens at 4 weeks old mixed sex.
– 3 tube feeders and 2 x 5lt water dispensers.
– 10 will die before mature age of 20 weeks, has 70 hens and 70 roosters left.
– Sell 66 roosters for breeding to other people or to eat.
– Keep 20 hens with the 4 best roosters for breeding. They will replace stock, lay 12 to 15 eggs in a nest and brood them out after 21 days.
– Keep 50 hens to produce eggs to sell or eating in the household.
– Move the cage every 30 days to right next to where it was standing.
– Cultivate the 18 sq m to get chicken manure into soil and water well before planting vegetable seed. Natural enriched soil + no feed for fertilizer = better crop production.
– After 30 days the cage is then moved again and the same procedure is followed again.
– The solar panel on the roof has a 12V power pack to store energy for recharging of cellular phones, few lights outside or a computer.