Poultry housing system

The Boschveld free range housing system is unique and developed by Pieter and Mike Bosch on Mantsole ranch, radium. The wagon wheel with range area for all four chicken houses and a building to store feed and eggs. All doors open into circle with water tank in the centre for bio-security and easy access to the chicken houses.

The Boschveld system is designed to meet all requirements of brc (British retail consortium) and global gap certification. Animal welfare and all five freedom’s to poultry were the key factor to the design. No environmental control systems are in any poultry house. The design and breed are to have a very low carbon foot print and use minimum fossil fuel.

A maximum of 10 chickens per square meter in house and 1,5 meter per chicken on the range. Shade and soil type on the range is very important so site location must be selected properly.